Oktoberfest: SoFla Style

Having a German boyfriend has some benefits, especially when being immersed into an crazy festival you’ve only heard about. Music, Dancing, Rides, and great food, Oktoberfest at the American-German Club in South Florida is an event not to be missed.

I know you don’t have to be German to appreciate the month of October and all of it’s glorious festivities, including Oktoberfest and Halloween, but having a German boyfriend really comes in handy when you want to experience some great food and fascinating culture.

Luckily for us, we live down the street from the American-German Club in Lantana, Florida. This past weekend we saw them build up a carnival in what seemed like a day. Games, Rides, and a huge stage filled the place. I imagined it smaller but it was actually huge. It wasn’t expensive either, $5 dollar admission per person and tickets for food and beverages were only $1 each. I immediately headed over to the food booths where they were currently frying up a batch of potato pancakes. Probably my favorite food ever. But that might just be because I love potatoes in general. My boyfriend headed straight to the beer stand where he gulped down two 16 oz Becks in what seemed like a second. Typical…

We then headed over to the stage, which was completely crowded. People were standing on table just to get a view. So, unfortunately I have no pictures of the fire dancers, or the German horn band, which played some great music. I was however able to recognize some great classic songs translated into German, one being “Summer of 69” by Bryan Adams. I was hoping to catch 99 Luftbalons by Nena but I must have missed the band singing their interpretation of it.

Then we headed over to the carnival area where they had a ferris wheel, bumper cars and other great carnival games. Me and my boyfriend rode the Ferris Wheel about five times, but the view was just of the street so nothing much to admire there. I just enjoyed the closeness, and being up above and looking down at all the lights and people.

It was a night filled with great food and great people. Something new and interesting that I had never experienced before. I am glad I had such a great person to spend it with, and if you ever come to Florida, check this place out, it’s cheap and fun.

written by julia_adele on 2011-10-26 #night #lifestyle #festival #october #oktoberfest #la-sardina #fritz-the-blitz-flash

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