Sprocket Rocket Fun!


I got a Sprocket Rocket Superpop Edition as my birthday gift this year! Loaded with the last roll of expired Ilford SFX 200 that I have, and these are what I got from the very first roll of this cute little camera!

Thank you to my love, who got me a Sprocket Rocket Orange as my birthday gift. This little camera is just too adorable! I actually named it, though it sounds a bit odd but true that I love to name all my cameras. I named it “Tangerine” because of the bright popping orange color which I really love. Loaded with the last roll of expired Ilford SFX 200 that I have, these are the photos that I got from the very first roll of Tangerine!

Climbing up onto a rocket with Sprocket Rocket!

The panorama view definitely makes taking group photos easier! I can capture all four of my best friends and still with decent amount of the scenery captured. Not forget to mention the sprocket holes which added a very nice touch on the black and white photos.

Credits: evon_t

I especially love this photo of my friend. We were taking photos in his home studio and took this stolen shot of him while he was checking the photos he took for me in the computer. Long exposure under low light worked pretty well with my sprocket rocket.

Credits: evon_t

And more photos from the first roll!

Credits: evon_t

Hits and misses as always, and then I loaded Tangerine with a Revolog Tesla this time. It was actually my first time heard of this handmade film and I just bought it out of my curiosity without doing further research. I know it will give the lightning effect in the shots but at that time I could not picture the outcome at all. It has only 12 frames, so if I use it with Sprocket Rocket, I can only take 6 shots! After I processed the films, I wouldn’t say I really like the lightning touch on the photos but it is still fun to give it a try!

Credits: evon_t

I love it more when the sprocket holes pair with black and white photos. Now with Lomography Earl Grey film loaded, I can’t wait to go out there and grab more shots!

The Sprocket Rocket is the world’s first wide-angle camera dedicated entirely to sprockets. And now it’s available in the freshest hues—blue, green, orange, and yellow. The “Sprocket Rocket Superpop!”;http://shop.lomography.com/cameras/sprocket-rocket-cameras features super wide-angle lens that captures the entire width of film and scrolling knobs for easy multiple exposures. Available in our Shop.

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  1. 12_12
    12_12 ·

    The Sprocket Rocket is just a wonderful camera!!! Great B/W shots!!!

  2. jezzyjung
    jezzyjung ·

    Great lighting effect !!!

  3. endjinn
    endjinn ·

    Really glad to see some Ilford SFX 200 photos with a sprocket rocket, i tought this would be a great combination but could find any examples anywhere. looks a little underexposed but still excellent, i'll bare that in mind when i try mine!

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