Evergreen Cemetery 1892: Morbid Beauty

A small little cemetery I happened to chance upon while walking the town of Boynton, it’s quite quaint and beautiful. Nothing like a little morbid beauty right?

Walking down the long street of lantana, looking for something to shoot, I came across the most beautiful tree I had ever seen. It was huge, and plentiful, and to me, it resembled the tree of life. Ironically, it overshadowed a small gravesite, Evergreen Cemetary, built in 1892.

This place possessed an aura of the utmost beauty. I could not stray away, and was not scared to walk among the dead. On the contrary, I was actually quite intrigued to learn about their lives.

The cemetery only has 18 grave stones with names on them, two of which were sailors that were washed ashore from a shipwreck. Most of the other graves are from family pioneers that came to Lantana, Florida in the 1800s. Others were decaying so much, I couldn’t very well make out the names.

I found this to be very fascinating, pioneers, huh? How little is known about these people. The tombstones couldn’t give me any more answers than what I had already asked them. So, I quietly pondered to myself “Where are their families, am I the only one left that comes and visit these people?”

It was very calming to walk through such a beautiful place, and I visit often. Something about this place feels serene. Maybe it’s the fake flowers, or the fact that no one ever comes to visit these people because their relatives are long gone. It’s a morbid yet beautiful place. A place I have come to appreciate over the years.

written by julia_adele on 2011-10-31 #places #cemetery #flowers #location #double-exposure #urban-adventures #diana-mini #select-type-of-location #morbidity

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