La Sardina Adventure at Pulau Ketam

Spending my Saturday exploring Pulau Ketam on a bicycle, zigzagging through rickety wooden plank bridges and capturing awesome photos using my La Sardina!

Last 15 Oct, me and a group of bloggers escaped temporarily from hectic city life in KL to Pulau Ketam “Crab Island”, which is a small island located off Port Klang, Selangor, Malaysia.

Credits: spectre

Founded circa 1880, it’s a fishing village inhabited by Malaysian Chinese and yet at the same time, a tourist attraction for both domestic or foreign tourists alike. To reach Pulau Ketam, you must take the ferry/speed boat (Rm7 for the ticket) from the Jetty at Port Klang (accessible from KTM Port Klang) ETA: 40 minutes. Arriving at Pulau Ketam Jetty, the floating house perching casually on long wooden stilts and suspended merely about one to ten (1-10) metres above the sea level was a breathtaking view. We were quickly ushered to community hall for a simple briefing before starting exploring the island in small groups by walking or renting a bicycle which is the island’s main and only means of transportation. Despite it size, Pulau Ketam has its own school, clinic, police station, community hall, volunteer fire station, electric generator plus Motel, shop, and restaurant to cater to tourists, besides the thriving fishing community dotted with boats and supporting industry.

Credits: spectre

Thanks to Selangor Tourism for organizing #TSDAYOUT outing, me and a group of nearly 20 bloggers were able to explore Pulau Ketam on foot and bike, and were able take photos using our DLSRs, digital cameras and of course, our lomo cameras!

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