Creepy Film Photographs for the Halloween Month


I did not intend to create creepy photographs, but some of them taken this Halloween month are quite freaky!

Every month, I examine the “Requested Posts of the Month” section in the Magazine section to get an idea of what to photograph in the next few weeks. It helps me when I am lacking inspiration, or when I am in need of Piggies. However, due to the scary nature of this months’ requested posts (Creepy film photographs, Cemeteries, Haunted places, Spooky lighting techniques) I was very reluctant because I am super cowardly when it comes to scary things. I still made some research on places in London which are rumored to be haunted (I need piggies!) and decided not to proceed. I wouldn’t even watch a horror film knowing that it isn’t real, it wouldn’t make any sense for me to be at a haunted place in person.

When it comes to creepy things, I am pretty superstitious. I would avoid shooting in a cemetery or places rumored to be haunted because I wouldn’t want anything creepy to appear on my film!

Today, I happily collected my photos from last week’s “A Film Noir Workshop” organized by the East London Lomography gallery store, and I was shocked when I came across a couple of spooky photos which most of them I don’t remember taking!

The baby looks so scary!
Credits: kshen
Credits: kshen
I did not do a multiple exposure on this man, but his lower half appears to be disappearing
Looks like a scene from a haunted black and white film
I cannot tell what this is! Looking at it gives me chills.

It is even spookier because Halloween is near!

PS: Is it just me, or am I thinking too much?

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  1. domo-guy
    domo-guy ·

    The power of black and white film...

  2. odax
    odax ·

    I love shooting black and white, solely because it can do that creepy look really nicely XD

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