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With a huge shipment coming our way from japan this week, we are happy finally able to offer you the full range of Instax cameras again. Also on board, the sleek little Fuji Natura camera.

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Fuji Instax 7S White & Choco

You’re in luck with the retro-styled Choco Instax 7s. Why so? Not only do they have the lowest and luckiest number in the Cheki series they are also the kindest to your wallet!
Sound like winners already? It gets even better because the Cheki 7 couldn’t be easier to use. With its simple exposure control, automatic built-in flash, 0.6m – infinity focusing and high quality Fujinon lens – the fortune cookie has crumbled in your favor. Uses wallet-sized Fuji Instax Mini film.

  • Simple exposure control
  • Automatic built-in flash
  • Focus 0.6m – infinity
  • High resolution Fujinon lens
  • Uses Fuji Instax Mini film – creditcard size
  • Includes manual

Fuji Instax 25

With this fun, super sleek Fuji instant camera you get to play with one of the most spontaneous snapshooters around. The Cheki 25 has a unique self-shoot mirror, which is great for those inevitable self-portraits. You know the ones we mean! You can get up close and personal with confidence, because with the close-up lens you can shoot sharp images from up to 35cm away. Intelligent flash, motorized 3 position, collapsible lens, 2 shutter design for landscape & portrait pics and high quality Fujinon lens. All this goes into making the Cheki 25 a top end instant camera. Uses wallet-sized Fujifilm Instax Mini – which is still produced by Fuji and is available on Lomography.com.

Fuji Instax 55i

The smallest and the most sophisticated of the Instax Mini family has good reason to be at the top-end of the Cheki ladder – it’s packed with features that makes instant photography even more fun!

The Mini 55I has a self-timer feature that allows you to jump in the frame. You can also set up the 2 consecutive shot function, which lets you take 2 pictures one after the other – perfect for catching the action! The ‘illumination’ feature puts the ‘I’ in the Cheki 55i. The illumination lights tell you when the camera is going to take the picture. Not forgetting the close-up lens that allows you to take sharp shots from 30cm away. All this plus intelligent flash, LCD panel showing film counter, landscape & fill-in flash mode, light/dark control & self-timer mode and high quality Fujinon lens.

  • Equipped with self-timer
  • Illumination feature that tells you when the camera is about to take the picture
  • Intelligent flash that fires when necessary
  • Light/Dark control option
  • Uses wallet-sized Fujifilm Instax Mini – which is still produced by Fuji and is available on Lomography.com.

Fuji Natura Camera

Capture the natural light with this top-of-the-range 35mm camera from Japan. The Fuji Natura Classica can do without the flash, even at nighttime! This exceptional, light-sensitive camera allows you to take stunning analogue photographs using just the available light. The Fuji Natura Classica’s secret lies in the Natural Photo mode – when paired with a high ISO film (anything 800 ISO and above) it detects the subject’s brightness and adjusts the exposure accordingly, eliminating the need to use flash. High quality, modern and compact – images radiate natural beauty, just the way your eyes see it.

  • Unique NP mode (“Natural Photo”) adjusts exposure to natural light.
  • Uses any kind of 35mm film (ranging from ISO 50 to 3200), but works best with Natura Classica 1600
  • Integrated pop-up flash (Super Digital Program Flash) can be activated via a button, or remain disabled
  • Super EBC Fujinon 28-56mm f/2.8-5.4 zoom lens
  • Autofocus ranging from 0.4m to infinity
  • 5 exposure modes available: slow-shutter, red-eye reduction, self-timer, remote control, landscape
  • Uses one lithium CR2 battery

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