La Sardina: Not Just a Pretty Camera


I’ve had my La Sardina camera for a couple of months now…and despite my initial reservations, I think that I’ve grown to like it.

On first looks, this camera, the La Sardina, confused me. It is undeniably pretty, in fact I didn’t even want to remove it from its packaging, it looks so good but once it was out of the box I found it so awkward. Even though I knew it was a plastic camera, it seemed different from the others I have — more rubbery somehow and less graceful in its movements. I didn’t realize you had to pull the lens out and twist it to be ready to shoot and this action in particular felt extremely clunky. I just left mine out in the end which is probably not the right thing to do but oh well. Then winding the film back on I managed to catch my knuckle on the edge of the ‘can’ and cut out a chunk of skin (please tell me someone else has done this as well, was I doing it wrong?)

My initial and still biggest issue with the La Sardina is the shutter — honestly — the shutter on this camera sounds pathetic, it is so tiny that I wasn’t even sure it was working at first. With how it looks I was expecting a thunderous clud, perhaps even a sharp twang, but all you get is a little click. I don’t know if it is just me, but a camera pleasing to the ear is just as important as pleasing to the eye. So after using my first roll, I wasn’t expecting much as I wasn’t blown away by the photo taking experience…

However, I will hold my hand up and say that you shouldn’t judge a camera (or a book) by its cover (or its shutter sound) as I was incredibly pleased and pleasantly surprised with the results from this camera. I was expecting the results to be similar to the Superheadz Ultra Wide and Slim, yet these photos have quite a different quality to them. I think the lens is a little wider and I like how the edges are fuzzy in comparison to the middle and I think if the day had been sunnier (it was nicer when we left the house or I’d have used a higher ISO film definitely) then the color would have been much more vivid.

After a couple of months of owning this camera, I feel very similar to how I felt about my Diana Mini at first and I think that like my Diana Mini, this camera is going to require perseverance and experiments with films and techniques until I can completely say that I love it… However, I don’t think that is a bad thing at all. Each camera is unique and learning the quirks is part of the Lomography fun in my eyes and I am looking forward to experimenting with those further and seeing what else this little camera can do!

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  1. wuxiong
    wuxiong ·

    Like your article, yes, it takes time to love something. However, I find from your fotos, that the center part is normally sharper than the corners. This is different from my Sardina, perhaps that is the individuality and makes the camera even more attractive...<:)

  2. julia_adele
    julia_adele ·

    I totally agree with you on the rewind knob. I have taken huge chunks out of my finger trying to rewind the roll of film. But this camera is wonderful and your review is splendid.

  3. domo-guy
    domo-guy ·

    I agree with you on the shutter sound. Pathetic but cute. Nice article.

  4. jeffr
    jeffr ·

    nice review. i love the photos of paris!

  5. pretletterp
    pretletterp ·

    Honestly I am very happy about the shutter sound being so low. It's one of the few analog camera's I have that is very unubtrusive in that respect and people don't really notice me shooting pictures with it. A huge bonus when I want to make some unexpected pictures ;)

  6. lunafaisal
    lunafaisal ·

    am agree with u. =)

  7. lunafaisal
    lunafaisal ·

    am agree with u. =)

  8. amaleisiegirl
    amaleisiegirl ·

    Oh my word, yes. Injuries on my fingers from winding the film all the way too! But just asking... I got my Sardina yesterday and haven't had a chance to take pictures properly because I don't hear a click at all. Must I hear a click? I've wound my film properly and everything... :/

    *confused like mad*

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