I Do Haiku You #2: Oh, The Things We Did


Sean Lotman is interested in the narrative potential of photography. In an ongoing project called I Do Haiku You, he composes haiku and senryu poetry to companion images taken with a Diana F+.

I saw this gentleman waiting outside my friend’s soba restaurant in Kyoto. I was struck by his old-fashioned charms— his bowler hat, askew bow tie, and red riding gloves. In a very real sense I envy the photographers roaming Paris, Berlin, and Vienna during the Belle Epoque, turn-of-the-century Europe. The photo was taken with a Diana f+ and the film was Portra 400VC.

Oh, the Things We Did
once led a punk band—
jesus christ and the gamblers—
’fore discovering tweed

In Sean’s own words, “These varieties of Japanese verse are concerned with physical and human nature, composed in a taut structure as to suggest a moment, much in the way a photograph does. Haiku poetry, like photography, has an instant, strong, fairly emotional resonance. Put together these two art forms enhance each others power so that, very briefly, a story is told.

Photo and words by Sean Lotman. Originally from Los Angeles, California, Sean now lives in Kyoto, Japan. Read more I Do Haiku You series here.

written by basterda on 2011-10-18 #lifestyle #haiku #sean-lotman #i-do-haiku-you-series


  1. wn7ant
    wn7ant ·

    No one expects
    An apparition
    Photographic proof

    In reference to the white blur along the side of the photograph.

    Anyway, I'll see what else hits me if anyone cares.

  2. basterda
    basterda ·

    @wn7ant: Nice one!

  3. wn7ant
    wn7ant ·

    That should read, a wispy apparition.

    No one expects
    A wispy apparition
    Photographic proof

    This is the lomo-ku I meant to submit, sorry about the mistype.

  4. domo-guy
    domo-guy ·

    What is that he has
    Looks like a ladies handbag
    Maybe it's his wife's .

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