An Evergreen Autumn Tale

Although the sorts of trees that make “autumn colors” what they are aren’t evergreen, the tales of both abundance and melancholy spun during this season are. Here we’ve listed some Autumn fixtures that often color one’s experiences. So what’s your story, morning glory?

Credits: freckleface, ck_berlin, warning & chesnokova

Dying leaves, indicative of winter approaching, are hardly inspirational. But wait, when the Autumn sun hits the leaves, pierces through their translucent bodies and shows the many hues of green, yellow, red and brown, a picturesque fairy tale scene cannot help but surface in your mind.

Credits: lmr, jared_j_frank & bcartwright

Bright colors in the form of beautifully knitted sweaters to ward off the gloom brought with the cold. Compliment that friend or colleague with the colorful sweater, tights, hat, Lomography camera, you name it. After all, they never fail to brighten your day with their bold taste.

Credits: nic0, novakmisi & nikolajcz

Apple Cider
A popular Autumnal concoction, Apple cider is a non-alcoholic tasty treat and serves as nourishment when the days grow shorter and colder. Place two hands on the warm glass of yellowish liquid, hold it up to the light and stare at the illuminated in-betweens of fingers while regaining fingertip sensation.

We suggest listening to the upbeat, yet at the same time dark, “Pumped Up Kicks” by Foster the People while reading!

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