Shooting Videos the Analogue Way: Interview with David Domingo (Part 3 of 3)

David Domingo is also known as Stanley Sunday in the universe of moving pictures. Although his work is still pretty unknown and underrated, he has become an expert in the field of analogue videos. In this 3-part interview, we delve into Stanley Sunday’s brilliant pop-cultural world of personal footage.

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Other than shooting videos with the Super 8 camera, what are your other interests and projects?

From time to time I publish a new number of my own fanzine “Un día cualquiera en la vida de Jonas Mekas” (“Any given day in the life of Jonas Mekas”). But there are many things I wish to carry out in the future.

What’s next in store for Stanley Sunday?

Maybe a puzzle with the image of Salvatore, the star of my films, laying naked on an old and dirty sofa. Including a dedicatory from him, of course.

Many people thinks that my shop is a kind of joke, and probably they are right. But the fact is that a girl from England bought the magic unicorn. It was a good business for her, but not for me. I have a lot to learn as a salesman.

Any tips for those who would like to try shooting videos the analogue way?

Don’t look for the best and famous Super 8 camera. Try different models for different purposes. Every Super 8 camera is a living thing that owns a very special personality, something unique. If you film what the camera wants to film, you’ll be sure that the result will be great.

SOUND OF THE SUN by Stanley Sunday

This is my most recent movie. This was filmed using a Canon Scoopic 16mm camera, the film stock is Ektachrome 100d and was hand processed in a Lomo tank. It’s a movie about a boy who encourage Robocop helping him. The original soundtrack is by Afrika Pseudobruitismus, a band from Spain I met through the net, I love his music.

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