Lomography CN 800: The Perfect Film for Multilens Cameras!


Living in England, the light is often limited — even in the Summer — and this is often the time that I want to capture the action around me. So I tried Lomography Colour Negative 800 film in my action sampler and I was not disappointed with the results.

I’ve had this film for a while if I’m honest, but I was never sure what to do with it… I didn’t want to use it in my Diana Mini as it would over expose (it frequently does at 400 for me), I wasn’t sure how the results would turn out with my Holga 135bc and I’ve never been keen on taking photos inside or in low light. And then this summer it finally struck me what this film was perfect for — multi lens cameras!

A higher ISO film is perfect for multi lens cameras due to the small apertures of each frame. By using a more sensitive film you are maximising the use of the small amount of light that is let through the shutter and optimising the results of yours photos.

Although higher ISO films are known to be grainy, I don’t find this a problem. The photos I take with my action sampler are meant to be fun and I find that the grain just adds to the character of the results, it almost helps to encourage the sense of movement in the photos and to add extra depth.

Of course, like every other film, it is best to use your judgement with what iso film to use in your camera — if I lived somewhere sunnier, then I may be more inclined to use a 400 film with my multi lens cameras — but if its a bit overcast, or like me, you live somewhere not quite as sunny, then the Lomography CN 800 film is the perfect film to experiment with.

The Lomography Color Negative 35mm 800 ISO film is a high-speed film designed to bring a burst of vibrant colour, as well as great saturation and contrast, in all lighting conditions! Shoot in bright sunshine, grey days, indoors or at night with a flash. See our selection of Lomography films here.

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  1. blinghaha
    blinghaha ·

    Nice! Love the trampoline pictures, just got my action sampler flash thanks for the tips!

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