SNATCH! Free Colorsplashflash With Any Zenit Camera

Save big on our latest Snatch! offer!

Another Russian classic is paired with the Colorsplash flash for this Snatch! offer! We’re giving away a free Colorsplash Flash for every order of the Zenit camera. The classic Zenit cameras are based on the Zorki rangefinder series, and is renowned for its sharpness; The Colorsplash Flash allows you to effortlessly wash your images in a splash of color! Choose from the variety of Zenits avaiable in our online shop and save 35 EUR/USD with this offer!

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  • offer valid for 3 days (until the 19th of March)

written by lucasjakobsson on 2009-03-16 #news #offer #zenit #snatch #colorsplash-flash

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