Project #1: A Vacation with My Disposable

I was thinking that after so many trials, after exploring a very small part of the Lomography world, it is time to focus on specific projects, and this is the first, based on the golden rules, particularly, “Do not think, Shoot!”

Although summer is now over and before the arrival of the great cold, I wanted to give you one last reminder of summer. For some time I wanted to focus on a specific project. Without random shooting, the opportunity presented itself with a friend, and his beautiful little girl with their family left for vacation in a wonderful place: in Croatia, a natural park of priceless beauty, long walks in the woods, and a small and quiet trip on the ferryboat.

“Do not think, shoot!” And who better than a child, with her ​​innocent sweetness, does not think while it takes snaps? Then I thought to give the girl a beautiful disposable camera, thanks to the consent and supervision of the parents. This is the analogic short story of their journey.

Stay tuned for the next project!

written by tyron_lannister on 2011-12-11 #places #lake #holiday #project #golden-rules #croatia #location #vacanza #select-type-of-location #plitvice #escape-from-the-city #laghi #plitvicka-jezera

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