Fuji Astia: The Perfect Film for Romance


This lovely film gives my photos light, subtle hues of pink and red, and even purple — which I find is absolutely perfect for shooting photos with that special someone, or even with close family and friends. The slides are simply perfection.

Credits: dearjme

About two months ago, I purchased a 35mm color slide film pack from Lomography, which included a roll of Fuji Astia. After doing my research through Lomography’s photo search, I learned that Astia tends to give light shades of pink and even dark red, depending on the exposure and the developer. Eager to get my results, I took this roll out to shoot with some friends at lunch, then to a sunset date with my beloved.

During the day, I tested out different exposures to see what results I would get. I saw that the darker, slightly underexposed photos tended to be more of a lighter pink shade, which was very pretty.

Credits: dearjme

And the more exposed shots with full sunlight gave me more of a red, almost a dark purple hue.

Credits: dearjme

I also took this roll out in my Lomo LC-A+ to catch some shots of Waimea Beach’s sunset. The lighting was, obviously, darker than broad daylight. The photos are a gorgeous shade of violet around the edges of my photos, and a light pink toward the area of the setting sun! This gave the sunset a multi-dimensional quality that only film can allow. Also, being with my special someone really made the night a memorable and precious memory. The pink seems to be a good match for romantic photos.

Credits: dearjme

All in all, I love the special touch that the pink and purple hues give to the photos. They add an extra factor of flavor to whatever event I can shoot. I’ve noticed that maybe this roll, when cross processed, tends to look like T64 or Lomography’s new film, X-Tungsten 64. Any thoughts? As for Fuji Astia, maybe it’s not the best for everyday shots, but Fuji Astia will definitely complete an exquisite evening with a significant other.

Colour Slide Films give deep saturation and great contrast when normally processed. When cross-processed, expect a huge colour shift that will knock your socks off. See the whole range of films in our Shop.

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  1. julia_adele
    julia_adele ·

    the photo examples you have, are they cross-processed ?

  2. dearjme
    dearjme ·

    @julia_adele, Yes they are! Sorry if I didn't make that clear.

  3. julia_adele
    julia_adele ·

    @dearjme thank you!!

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