Kodak T-Max 400: A Flare of Black and White


Some say the world is cherished for the colors and would be incomplete without them. I’d say my world of analogue is better with just black and white. It gets very addictive when you start using B&W films, especially the Kodak TMax 400.

Firstly, this does not mean that we are taking a giant leap backwards into the old times — although looking classic is quite synonymous to the analogue world, having access to B&W films is one of the beauties of analogue. Kodak TMax 400 is the world’s sharpest 400-speed B&W film, world’s finest-grained 400 ISO B&W film, it has additional speed for low light and fast action because of the high ISO rating — according to my not-so-professional analogue skills.

I’ve been using this film for quite some time with my Diana F+ and I am loving it. I have a few night shots with this film, but most of my photos are daylight shots. I am very excited to show you my pictures. The techniques on how to do a low-lighting shot is quite common with others.

But a plus on this film is the high ISO rating, so you don’t have to leave the shutter open for a long time if you use the bulb settings correctly. A tripod is advised if you’re not really good at handling bulb mode. Common tips though. For daylight shots, I prefer to use a higher f-stop value or a semi-cloudy aperture setting is preferable on my Diana F+. But those are my own preference, you can have your own and share it too.

Here are some night shots:

Here are some daylight shots:

Lastly, just have fun with this film because you’ll never know when will you be addicted to it. I’m a TMax addict the first time I saw the results of my first roll. I hope you guys will enjoy using this film. If you have albums to share after you’ve tried this film, please don’t hesitate to follow my account and I’ll follow you back so that we could spread the love. And let’s pray hard that we won’t turn into B&W zombies one day. Cheers!

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  1. emperornorton
    emperornorton ·

    T-Max is a very precise film which is one of the reasons to like it.

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