Creepy Film Photographs: Zombies


Have you ever seen a real ZOMBIE? Well, if you were anywhere near Park Station in Johannesburg recently, you would have found about 80 undead looming around! Terrifying!!!

Park station is one of the busiest train stations in Johannesburg however just to the side of it is an old abandoned building that used to be the concourse! It is a spectacular building with no artificial lighting so only a few rays of sun fall into the building through some gaps in the ceiling.

How can you make this space even creepier? Well, fill it with about 80 ZOMBIES, some raw meat, and a butcher babe! DJ group Double Adapter decided to shoot their music video for their song “Eat You Alive” and as the name suggests, we all had to be very hungry zombies looking for some fresh DJ meat to eat!

We arrived on set at about 11 and got put in a production line – first stop was wardrobe as you needed to dirty up your clothing (who knew cocoa powder would work so well as a dirt imitator?), then we had to get some fake blood poured all over us (a little corn syrup and glucose). Next stop was make-up and boy did they do amazing things. They went all out with prosthetics and paint; needless to say we all looked amazingly scary!

The result was a transformation from living to the awkward category of undead! And so our creepy photos were born!!!

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