Weekend in Sematan with the Kodak EBX 100

A few weeks ago, my family and I went to ‘Pesta Sematan’ at Sematan, Sarawak. Pesta is like a celebration, but ‘Pesta Sematan’ is more for selling clothes, accessories, and foods. They were having this kind of celebration every weekend to gather families and friends all over the village of Sematan.

It was a fine sunny day. Hundreds of people from Kuching, Sematan, Bau, and Lundu came at the ‘Pesta Sematan 2011’. There were many stalls set-up along the long road at Kampung Sematan. They were selling clothes, watches, sunglasses, fruits, fishes, crabs, and many more.

My niece, Eilya, I think, loves the outdoors. She will be an outgoing person, I’m sure of it. Everyone who passed by, she smiled at those strangers. I miss her so much, so I pasted two photos of her with her dad (below).

My mum bought some ‘Buah Terap’ too. You must be wondering what the heck is Buah Terap, right? It is a kind of fruit which you can hardly find anywhere else. It is famous in Sarawak. The taste is sweet. The size of the seed is big as an almond. Here is how it looks.

Apart from that, I saw a bunch of big bikers going ‘VRROOOMIINGGG’ at the streets of Kampung Sematan. You can hear their throttle from quite a distance. You can tell it is the sound of a superbike or a big bike. One of them is my Facebook friend named Layboat Haji Salleh.

Well, that’s all for now. Come and visit Sarawak today! We have tons of surprises, and unique cultures for all of you who love to travel, especially backpackers.

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