Fiumei Road Cemetery in Budapest

It is a beautiful cemetery in Budapest that is worth going to for a nice walk on a sunny fall day. The trees are colorful, and the whole place sheds peace in the middle of the busy city.

It was founded in the middle of the 19th century, one of the oldest Christian Cemeteries in Budapest. It officially opened in 1849, close to the Hungarian revolution against the Habsburgs. At that time, it was not so easy to reach it, Budapest was much smaller and it was far from the city centre. Today, it is just a few minutes from the Eastern Railway Station, so it is really easy to get there.

The first famous person buried here in 1855 was Vörösmarty Mihály, a poet. After the agreement with the Habsburg in 1867 it became a “national pantheon”. All the different regimes of Hungary during the 20th century tried to make it their own, so today it is an eclectic sorting of their dead and symbolic places. It has always been the graveyard of intellectuals, many artists, writers, and philosophers (Deák Ferenc, Arany János, Kossuth Lajos, etc.) It has many artistic tombs and mausoleums.

I don’t have any relatives in this cemetery but last year I could not go to visit my beloveds so we went and took a walk in there, it was really nice.

This is the official website of the cemetery (unfortunately it is only in Hungarian as far as I see, but they have a lot of nice photos).

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