Make Your Own Colour Filter & Splitzer Stand to Your Beloved LCA & LC-W


Do It Yourself for a useful & inexpensive colour filter & splitzer stand for your LCA / LC-W. A simple and easy way on how to create an improvised splitzer and colour filter by making use of recycled materials such as carton packages and more.

I was thinking of how to make a stand that can put my homemade colour filter & splitzer stand without always sticking those sticky tape to my beloved LC-W. Finally I came out with an idea during my bath (haha, I have fresher mind during bathing).

Well, you need the following items below:

1. Pencil
2. Scissors / plate
3. Ruler
4. Tape
5. File fastener lids
6. Hard paper / boxes
7. Unexplored film

First, you need to take out 2 lids from the file fastener. Cut a small rectangular shape from the hard paper (I recycled and decided to use a carton package). Stick the 2 lids together (as shown in the photo), make sure there is space in between. Stick it in front of your LC-W / LCA.

Then, cut the paper box into the shape as shown in the photo. Sorry as I don’t really know what to call this shape, i just call it TV shape, as it have square hole in the middle & the 2 “legs” at the bottom. This time I want to make an orange filter, thus I’m using those unexplored film. Cut one piece of the film & stick it on the hard paper (tv shape) just now. The finished product should look like the image shown in the photos.

You are now finished making your own orange filter & it’s ready to put on the lids stand. Now you’re ready to shoot, & if you don’t want the filter, you can always take it off the lids stand. It can be re-used , without having to use sticky tape to attach it in front of your lens.

You can also use the same shape of hard paper & make your own splitzer. To do this, you must cut the line in middle of the square to make something like a window. Colour it black. Put it into the lids stand. Open one side of the window & shoot, press the MX button, close the window & open the another side & shoot again & you’ll get a nice double exposure photo.

This is the tipster that I would like to share with all the Lomographers. Hope this is helpful for you.

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