Bedrooms Are Like Blank Canvases Where We Can Explore Our Thoughts!


From bedtime stories, pillow fights, snoozing, resting; our bedrooms are our comfort zone. It keeps us warm, and safe when we dream, it gives us freedom to be ourselves.

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Your bedroom is the place you stay close to, and can always rely on to get the best rest. If you calculate the time you sleep with the time you work or hang out in your bedroom during weekends and after school/work on weekdays, it’s clear that your room is one of the spaces where you spend the most time in.

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We are allowed to make decisions and think out side the box in our rooms.
Our bedrooms are like blank canvases where we can explore our thoughts and think beyond our goals, and plan for our next adventure.

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Sometimes it gives us a quiet space where we can listen to music, talk on the phone with friends and family, write letters and emails. Each rooms are so unique with personality. Sometimes we show our story in our rooms by decorating it with our childhood to our prom photos.

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I love these photographs of people’s bedrooms found in our Lomography community. Looking at how people decorate their rooms sometimes seems like you can read people’s thoughts and dreams!

Photo via robvent7: bedroom

Do you enjoy spending time in your room? Why is your bedroom so special to you? Tell us how you decorate your room by posting up some photos of your bedroom!

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  1. pomps
    pomps ·

    I love my bedroom, almost everything there is from flea market!

  2. jeanettelee
    jeanettelee ·

    That sounds amazing~your room must be filled with great treasures! take some photos of room and show us if you would like to share~that will be great!

  3. laurasulilly
    laurasulilly ·

    my bedroom is full of my handmade b&w prints i make in my darkroom. i frame them and put them up all over my walls- a lot of beautiful memories, all handmade! :) i'd love to post a photo, but i don't have an analogue picture yet :)

  4. clownshoes
    clownshoes ·

    Great article

  5. jeanettelee
    jeanettelee ·

    @laurasulilly when you have the chance to take an analog photo of your room please share with us! handmade b&w prints sounds beautiful!! @clownshoes thank you very much!

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