Praia da Torre (Carcavelos, Portugal)


One of my favorite places for after hours once I leave the Clubs at 8am is located outside Lisbon, a small beach called Praia Da Torre, due to the fortress that surrounds her.

Half Hour from the Lisbon center there is a small beach, near to the São Julião da Barra Fortress. It has pleasant esplanades and restaurants on the low cliffs which provide an amazing view over the beach, just like a private balcony. On Summer afternoons is possible to ear jazz or bossanova concerts. There’s also the “Carruagem Bar”, an old train carriage converted into a bar, quiet place to have lunch with a view over the beach area.

This beach is mainly frequented by young people. Its an elected beach for sports, such as body board, surf or volleyball. The fortress was build in the XVI century and it was one of the key points on the maritime defense, towards entrance in the Tagus river. On these days its the official residence from the Defense Ministry, and its part from the Lisbon Circuits available for tourists.

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