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To say Brompton Cemetery is quite grand is an understatement. Some of the deceased here have bigger resting places than my house! Scene of many a movie, Brompton Cemetery is a wonderful part of London’s history.

Credits: panchoballard

It was a Sunday morning and I was very tired and slightly hungover. The previous day’s Film Photography Project meet-up in London had taken it out of me. A full day of walking, visiting both Lomography stores and possibly a little drinking had left me drained. But I had one last place I wanted to visit before I headed back home to Bolton: Brompton Cemetery.

Situated near Earls Court and consecrated in 1840, it is one of the grandest graveyards in the country (and also one of the most peaceful considering its location). Many great people from history are buried here but I must admit I knew little of this when I was walking round it that Sunday morning. All I knew was that it was going to look great through the eye of my Holga.

Credits: panchoballard

It’s also been the location for many movies: Sherlock Holmes, Finding Neverland, Eastern Promises – the list goes on. Never an era to skimp on grandeur, this Victorian cemetery is full of grand statements and displays of wealth. And while it may be slightly vulgar to spend so much money on a grand monument to the dead, it sure is great for photographers!

Credits: panchoballard

And before I go, seeing as it’s Halloween, doesn’t this chap look like a younger version of Grandpa from The Munsters? Boo!

Credits: panchoballard

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  1. frau_inga
    frau_inga ·

    Lovely photos! I agree that cemeteries can be beautiful locations for taking pictures.

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