Tokyo Metropolitan Government

Tokyo Metropolitan Government soars at “Shinjuku” that the world’s largest number of passengers are coming and going everyday…administers “Metropolice Tokyo”

This is so colled public institution, many of you might not have got in but only have seen from a distance.Because of Civil service, most places have nothing to do with us.But do you know there are the observatories at the north and the south side on 45th floor?

After teking a Observatory Elevator for a minute, you will get to the place 202m high above Mega city Tokyo.You are admitted free.

You can oversee all of main landmarks of Tokyo from here.You can also have a distant view of Mt.Fuji if it is clear sunny day in winter, but unfortunately I just enjoyed view of many clouds instead of holy montain.

Not terribly large but still spacious enough to settle yourself in a chair or at a cafe.

Put commemorative stamps on your notebook.

Buy some souvenirs from Tokyo.

As the Civil servise, an assembly hall is placed as well.

These lovely observatories are worthy of experience to get there by yourself rather than just check some pics of these.This is surely the places to stop if you come to Shinjuku on a clear day.

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translated by mizugoji

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