Revealing a Shiny Golden Duo and GUP Expo: A Fishy Recap


Chique the freak is how the evening started, with the presentation of Lomography’s newest jewels – La Sardina Czar & Beluga – and it ended in a true oldschool lomo party. Credits go to our friends of GUP magazine and Vedett. How cool were those beer bottles with Lomo+GUP prints?!

Apart from what was revealed inside, the wooden box was a beauty to look at. The new La Sardina Metal Editions Czar and Beluga obviously deserved a fancy launch party. That’s why we showed them on kitsch velours pillows and slick golden sheets. Store manager Jos made a nice deal with the fish shop around the corner and came back with fresh caviar on toast. As Jos mentioned “Hey, we just can’t serve cheap crap you know”. And right he was. The crowd maximally enjoyed the toasts with caviar, while they were blown away by the two new metal beauties.

At 7pm we started the Crazy Experiment Expo party on the 2nd floor of “the house” in collaboration with GUP magazine. The tipsters and photos by winners bluemie5 and icuresick were shining on the panels and got all the attention of the visitors. What? Drowning your film in Yakult? How cool is that! Exactly; a true winner. Something else worth noting: Peter Bas (main editor of GUP magazine and part of the My Crazy Experiment Rumble jury) arranged a pretty important part of the evening through his friends at Vedett: a shitload of beer. Delivered in a wicked vintage car, with two fancy fridges and awesome beerbottle labels with our very own Lomo+GUP pictures printed on it. This was much appreciated and resulted in playing ‘four of a kind’ with beers.

The 1st and 2nd floor of “the house” was packed in no time, while the nicotine cravers were standing on our cozy pavement. The atmosphere was great, the attending photography fans loved the expo and the nicely decorated beers were highly appreciated. Conclusion – a very fine and successful rendez-vous!

The evening was documented by the Lomography crew ánd visitors with the new golden Sardina duo and the Lomo LC-Wide. All armed with X-pro chrome 100 and the new 64 tungsten film of Lomography. You like?

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    it was a nice evening! :)

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