And Lomography Said: Let There Be a LomoWall!

The first day of the construction work of the Lomography Gallery Store Cologne was completed successul through the completion of the LomoWall.

Our busy working bees are almost done and now it’s time to get creative and make the store pretty!

The first day has reached a successful conclusion: All was unloaded, unpacked and stowed.
And one thing made us really happy: Our trademark and beautiful artwork, the core of every Lomography Gallery Store – the LomoWall – has been completed and decorates our new store. Many single lomographs are representing Cologne in all its beauty.

Wall building by Lomography Gallery Store Cologne on Vimeo.

Soon you can admire it in full bloom. Maybe your photo is on it as well? Who knows…

written by spoeker on 2011-10-15 #news #lomowall #video #construction #working #lomography-gallery-store #lomography-gallery-store-cologne
translated by waynmountain

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