Lomography Redscale 100 120mm: Give Me That Orange Tone!

Orange, dark, red, yellow…The Lomography Redscale ISO 100 has the properties and abilties to enlighten our life and shooting, as to dark them somehow. From a non-frequently user of this film, I always expect freezing romantic moments from this film. Approved!

The first of my “special” lomographs were created with help of Lomography films. In this new quest of mine, Lomography Redscale 100, 120mm was one of the invited to play along with my Diana F+. My first try-out shoot with redscale was in London and it was a great first experiment, I should say.

Well, using this film in Diana F+ can yield an unpredictable game of results as the Diana camera is set to ISO 400 (something like that as Ive been told). So, I used the semi-cloudy and cloudy apertures. Actually, it was a sunny day in London, not foggy as usual. The results were great. Some photos obviously need more light, but there is one that, with no much light (or nothing at all), stayed a dark but defined photo. It was photo of the Westminster Abbey. Actually it’s my favorite!

It was taken under shadow light. It looks gothic, like a dark spot, a scene from a horror movie or something like that. I believe that this redscale film can create an extreme atmosphere surrounding the objects with orange, yellow, reddish or whatever romantic tones. I will try to take redscale lomographs of animals. I believe it’s one of those big missions when shooting with the Lomography Redscale.

In a second try-out with this film, the results were a disaster. I don’t know what happened, because a lot of photos turned out blue, blurry, with a lot of yellow and greens…I couldn’t understand why!

Anyhow, I will always try this film, taking good care of it and providing it with as much light as I can get!

Load up the Lomography Redscale 120 100 ISO and achieve the warm-tinged effect produced only by exposing the negative on the reverse side! You’ll get breathtaking square shots evoking intensely warm, honey hues. See our selection of Lomography films here.

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