PYHOF: Steve Jobs's Music Playlist


Thanks to Death and Taxes Magazine, we were able to take a quick look at the late and great Steve Jobs’s favorite records. Put your headphones on and let’s pay tribute to a much-respected icon.

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“I grew up in the apricot orchards that later became known as Silicon Valley, and was lucky enough to have my young spirit infused with the social and artistic revolution of the day called rock and roll. It has never left me.” – Steve Jobs (via Death and Taxes). It shouldn’t be surprising then, that his favorite records included classics such as Who’s Next by The Who, and Some Girls by the Stones.

Here’s a glimpse of Steve Jobs’s picks, as he listed in his (now-defunct) Ping profile:

Highway Revisited : Bob Dylan

Late for the Sky : Jackson Browne

Imagine : John Lennon

Some Girls : The Rolling Stones

See the complete list.

Steve Jobs was many things but ask anyone the first word that comes to their head with the mention of his name and you would get ‘apple’ as an answer. In celebration of Steve Jobs Day, here’s The Apple Rumble!

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  1. domo-guy
    domo-guy ·

    I wonder if Steve Jobs had an ipod...

  2. crepier
    crepier ·

    R u serious? he got the GreatPod

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