Hiking Around Arkansas: Devil's Den State Park

It’s early autumn and there are still plenty of leaves on the trees, most of them still green. The temperatures are perfect for a hiking trip with your friends, family or even your dog. Lucky for me, Arkansas has plenty of places to do see, one of them is Devil’s Den State Park.

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You’ll find Devil’s Den in the northwest corner of the state. You can get to it by driving up or down I-540 and taking one of the two exits that can get you to the park, one of them is near West Fork, AR and the other one near Winslow, AR.

I prefer the Winslow exit, even though that means driving an extra 10 minutes for me. When you go that way, you will have to go down the mountain and the view on those curvy roads when the trees are alive in spring, summer, or fall is just so beautiful. Just make sure someone else is driving while you snap those photos on your way to the park.

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Once you get there, there are several trails to visit. You can make it a day trip, and just hike one or two of the trails. Or you can make it a weekend trip, if you take some food and your camping supplies.

Apart from hiking, there are a lot of other things to do. You can go caving (careful with the bats), backpacking, bike or horseback riding, and swimming (in the summer). If you go hiking in spring or during summer, where we’ve had plenty of rain, you will run into mini waterfalls around the trails.

My most recent trip to Devil’s Den was on a Sunday morning, the end of summer; this was also the first time I took with me an analogue camera, instead of a digital one (I’ve recently come back to my first love). I couldn’t have picked a better time! The light shining through the still-green leaves was gorgeous.

I went on Yellow Rock trail. It takes just a couple of hours to go around the three-mile long trail, although if you’re like me, and have to stop a lot for photos, it might take a little longer. There are two overlooks along this trail, one of them is over a rock that looks like it has its own face.

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For a day trip, Devil’s Den is the perfect place to go to take a big breath of fresh air and beauty. Don’t forget to take a big bottle of water, along with your camera. I’ve also been hiking at night, so I can tell you it’s a great place to go catch the Perseids meteor shower, if you don’t mind the weird animal noises around you, that is.

Credits: begutierrez

For more specific information about Devil’s Den State Park, go here

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