LomoLocation Callout: US Eastern Cities!


Calling all Lomographers! We’re looking for US Eastern Cities!

Photo By: strummy

The good old East Coast. It’s where the United States first started off. The original 13 Colonies. Drenched in history, the east coast attracts travelers who want to immerse themselves in culture. The east coast has beaches, mountains, rivers, as well as some islands. So we’re looking for those Lomographers who either live in the area or have experienced and traveled around the eastern sea board. Show us something that we have never seen before!

LomoLocation Callout for THREE US Eastern Cities:

  • Washington DC, US
  • Portland, Maine, US
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US

Any Lomographer who submits any of these three location callouts gets 5 Piggies!

Good luck!

written by mmoya on 2011-10-13 #places #location #lomo-location-callout-united-states-eastern-cities


  1. lislisdotnet
    lislisdotnet ·


  2. strummy
    strummy ·

    Nice photo! ;-)

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