DIY: Roulette Table and Game Chips!

Attention all photo lovers. Here’s a Do-It-Yourself roulette table complete with game chips. Perfect for a casino-themed game night!

Your very own photo-fied roulette table!

What you’ll need

  • Colored printer
  • Scissors
  • Tape or glue
  • Access to the internet

How to

  • To do this, have a layout handy for reference and position photos of primarily red hues where the red numbers go and those predominantly black in place of the black numbers. (You can easily find layouts by doing a web-engine search).
  • Need you ask where to find photos for this project? The Lomography website is your oyster! Look in our new Colors section to look up red and black photos now, and have fun while at it!
  • Using a program which can be as simple as a word document, resize photos and line them up, three per row and 12 per column.
  • Now type in the numbers that are quintessential in making any roulette game possible! We suggest white text.
  • Once you have the bulk of the layout, either print this out and manually draw in what should go on the perimeter or print out a found layout online and assemble, cut and tape accordingly!

On a larger scale you could build a LomoWall and use this instead! Hang it up proudly when you aren’t entertaining with it.

Re-purposed plastic film canister caps game chips

What you’ll need

  • Film canister caps (our suggestion is to ask friends, photo lovers, and conveniently friends who are photo lovers, to donate to your cause).
  • Colorful markers

How to

This is as easy as pie! (Though we suggest eating sandwiches and foods of that nature when playing card games, after all this is the reason Lord Sandwich popularized this form of food in the first place).

  • Pop the plastic caps off the canisters and lay them out on a flat surface.
  • Roll some markers your way and begin writing numbers in different colors corresponding with values on the caps. We did red-five, blue-ten, green-25 and black-100.

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