La Sardina: Love or Hate?


After the La Sardina cameras were out, I just HAD to have one. I even pre-ordered it. But did I make the right choice?

The La Sardina is a super lovely plastic can-shaped 35mm camera with amazing wide-angle lens, two shutter speeds, normal and bulb mode, including a tripod and cable release thread. I got myself the El Capitan because I love its design. It also comes with a cool-retro-looking flash!

I love how lightweight the camera is and how small and precious it feels. There are little settings to worry about and it is really easy to use, so you can just point-and-shoot. The La Sardina also LOVES sun.

The Fritz The Blitz Flash uses a CR123 battery and is so amazing and powerful. The color filters are fun too!

However, I doubt whether I should have gotten the La Sardina in the first place…

Firstly, after a few shots with my Captain, the flash would not activate when you press the shutter. Luckily, I found out what happened and I fixed it. Sadly this problem happens randomly.

Secondly, the battery for the Fritz the Blitz is expensive and whenever I keep the flash in my bag, the button flash turns on accidentally. Therefore draining the battery (I wasted 2 so far). The solution was to take out the battery when not using the flash.

Thirdly, the paint on the body can be easily scraped off. Take caution when keeping it in a bag with lots of stuff!

And finally, I don’t find this bad but the ring of metal part near the lens of my camera is magnetized!

DON’T FRET! The Sardina is a great camera for beginners and a cheaper alternative to other wide-angle cameras. These bad things just give the La Sardina its kicks. I also love how you can fit a bottle cap as a lens cap for this beauty. It kind of gives it personality and individuality.I think everyone should experience this can-o-fun. It’s cheap, simple, cute, fun. I just wish Lomography made cases/straps for them too!

Get ready to sail the high seas with our new La Sardina collection! These 35mm cameras are equipped with spectacular wide-angle lens, multiple exposure capabilities, and a rewind dial—everything you need for fun-filled and thrill-soaked escapades. Get your own La Sardina camera now!

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  1. bloemche
    bloemche ·

    See it the same way!

  2. zombie_pony
    zombie_pony ·

    I have the same problem with my flash. I'm getting my camera fixed/ replaced now.

  3. awfullysasha
    awfullysasha ·

    A camera strap would make be so convienient! HAHA okay MODIFICATION idea!

  4. grnscout5
    grnscout5 ·

    I'm having the same problem with my flash. What did you discover the problem was?

  5. chemistress
    chemistress ·

    i love my la sardina( actually the second one, i needed to go back to the shop and get it replaced) and hate it at once. Same crap with the flash, and in addition for the smallest wet( drop of water, rain, fog) the advance knob stops working. But the results are still amazing and stunning:)

  6. beatpoetj
    beatpoetj ·

    love hate here too...Im actually not going to mess with it...twice the film would no longer advance...the flash ...same problem....Im on my second one too because of the flash...I dont have a lomo or supersampler or even a Im gonna stick with my mini Diana...its old reliable....someday I will get another one...generation two perhaps after more bugs are worked out

  7. 160404
    160404 ·

    I find it hard to rewind, I always tear my finger's skin. :/ And also, something broke inside the camera and I can't rewind it anymore. But I love the results and I don't regret having bought it! (sorry if i made some mistakes!)

  8. pangmark
    pangmark ·

    Thanks for helping me make a decision on this hyped up marketing masterpiece (I was tossing up between the mini, holga 135 and the Sardina as a 35mm cheapie)

  9. thepolaroid
    thepolaroid ·

    amen. same here, love hate relation with the sardina. it's a handy camera that allows you to take beautiful and stunning shots, but I got really fed up with the flash too, so mostly I'm not using it.. either way, I wouldn't want to miss it

  10. pheebs
    pheebs ·

    @thepolaroid if you shot an email to we will hook you up with a working flash in a jiffy!

  11. thepolaroid
    thepolaroid ·

    @pheebs I already went back to the store to ask for help. They helped me out and made it work again, so part of the time it works and sometimes it doesn't, it's a matter of luck, I guess..

  12. yijing
    yijing ·

    Hi, my flash did not activate when i pressed the shutter too. Would you advise how to manage it? How was the shop help to fix it? Don't think i can go to the shop to check because i bought it online.

    Besdies, is there any sound when we press shutter button? I just hear a "click" sound thats all. This is my 1st lomo camera, not really whether it is working right.

  13. fernanda-breder
    fernanda-breder ·

    I have this problem with my flash too :(
    What is it? How did you fixed it?

  14. personanongrata
    personanongrata ·

    i really like the camera but i am on my fourth one...first one had a light leak through the film cartridge window and stripped the film as i was winding it, second one had a defect in the flash mount and wouldn't fire at all when the flash was attached, and the third ones shutter died middle of the roll...the photos that have actually turned out are awesome though and even if i continue to have problems with the camera the 2 year warranty is great...probably wouldn't have put up with it had it not been for the fact that there is a lomo gallery store in my town, but they are great about working with you and swap the camera out with now hassles...just be sure to hold on to your receipt because thats your warranty...

  15. gelibee
    gelibee ·

    Hey guys! Just like what @pheebs said, shoot us an email at tand we'll help you out! Please check if the shutter of your La Sardina is working though as this should go in sync with the flash… Happy happy day ahead! :)

  16. liyongwen
    liyongwen ·

    Same thing here. I am on my second one right now, my flash only works sometimes and rewinding the film has been super hard until just now when the knob eventually broke.

  17. gilemilio
    gilemilio ·

    "Firstly, after a few shots with my Captain, the flash would not activate when you press the shutter. Luckily, I found out what happened and I fixed it. Sadly this problem happens randomly."

    I had the same problem, how do did you to repair?

  18. zach1994
    zach1994 ·

    I liked my camera, loved shooting with it. However the rewind spool snapped of while rewinding rendering it worthless

  19. rls
    rls ·

    I find it also hard to rewind and actually a few days ago the rewinding knob broke :( does anyone know how it can be fixed?

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