Shooting Videos the Analogue Way: Interview with David Domingo (Part 1 of 3)


David Domingo is also known as Stanley Sunday in the universe of moving pictures. Although his work is still pretty unknown and underrated, he has become an expert in the field of analogue videos. In this 3-part interview, we delve into Stanley Sunday’s brilliant pop-cultural world of personal footage.

Tell us something about yourself.

Despite I would like to shoot a blockbuster, plenty of hollywood stars, robots, explosions, etc…, I think that I’ll keep on filming underground flicks with my friends and those things that surround myself, wich is pretty cool.

How/When did you begin filming videos using a Super 8 camera?

When I was twenty years old, I had a friend whose father sold me a camera and a projector. By that time filming in super 8 was cheaper than now, so I could shoot many rolls to practice.

Why do you love shooting videos on film? What/Who inspires you?

One of the things I do most like working with film is that this gives the power to project my movies in a screen. When I started working with Super 8 it didn’t exist video projectors yet, so it was a good way to project and amplify my own images. Now there are in the market video projectors quite cheap, but there’s no doubt that still were unable to give me the magic and the inherent beauty of the Super 8 projection experience.


This is an epic Super 8. As in a Bruce Conner’s “A movie” or Kenneth Anger’s “Fireworks” I use Respighi’s tune, “Pini di Roma” to reach an epic, bigger than life dimension through the Super 8 experience itself.

Stay tuned for the next two installments of our interview with Stanley Sunday! Meanwhile, if you have videos with similar feel (stop motion animations, Super 8 clips & films, and other videos with analogue vibe), you may share them to the community. Head on to this month’s Requested Posts, take a look at our Guidelines for Submissions, and get Piggy Points while you’re at it!

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