5 Questions on Analogue Photography with Gavin Thomas


In this series “5 Questions on Analogue Photography with…” we send out the same set of questions to photographers. This time, Gavin Thomas answered these and sent along a selection of his work.

Name: Gavin Thomas
Occupation: Photographer
Country: USA

1. Tell us something about yourself.

I am a full time photographer in NYC. I shoot a wide variety of subjects ranging from Fashion and Celebrities to Weddings and a little bit of everything in between.

2. Why do you still shoot analogue?

Film Rules! Love the variety of different films and the amazing results they produce. There is nothing better then getting your film back from the lab and seeing the magic of what you just shot. Even though I have a good idea of what things might look like it is always a surprise( for better or worse) when looking at the scans for the first time.

3. What photographic equipment (cameras, films, and accessories) do you usually have in your bag?

Always have an LCA+ with me in order to shoot doubles. More recently have also added a Contax T2, Olympus Epic, as well as a Yashica T4, colorsplash flash is also really nice to have

4. Share a trick of yours that will always result to a great photo.

When shooting doubles try to shoot backgrounds first and then people. More of your 1st layer will show thru. Also dont be afraid to try new things. Make your own masks by using black tape on certain parts over the lens. This saves certain parts of the film for more visible second layers.

5. What photographers influence your work?

I have always been a big Joel Meyerowitz fan and even had a chance to intern with him when I first moved to NYC. Also really like Martin Parr, Ben Pier, Derek Wood, Chris Shonting, Angela Boatright among others. Natalie Zwillinger and Liad Cohen were big influences early on for multiple exposures.

Thanks to Cameron for taking the time to answer these questions! Browse more of his pictures on his LomoHome, on his website and on his Facebook Page.

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  1. ihave2pillows
    ihave2pillows ·

    Thanks! What a great lomographer!

  2. photomi7ch
    photomi7ch ·

    enjoyed the article a lot. some great ideas to play with.

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