Please Meet: Team Lomography the Netherlands!


The Gallery Store Amsterdam is open, Lomography the Netherlands is up and running, so it’s time to introduce ourselves. Please meet the Dutch Lomography Crew!

Maarten, Online Manager

Maarten Essenburg, born in Vlissingen and raised in Hollands most boring village ever – Zeewolde (according to BNN). ‘Online’ is Maartens territory, so he is responsible for all the lomo stuff in your inbox. Together with Madri, he runs the Dutch Lomography dreamteam — what a match! Taking rules seriously is not really Maarten’s thing, with one exception: Golden Rule #1. His original Russian LC-A is Maarten’s 2nd love and always in his backpack. Last but not least, some of his pictures show a double Maarten. Multiple exposure? Nope, please meet Joost, Maarten’s twin brother. Just to make it even more complicated, try to spot the differences!

Madri, General Manager

Please meet the chef of the Dutch Lomography Dreamteam – Madri van Veldhuizen. Born and raised in Rotterdam. Correct, that’s totally ‘not done’ in Amsterdam. But fortunately, she is pretty straight forward and even dares to order a vodka in Vienna’s most hardcore beer bar — success guaranteed! Madri might be Holland’s biggest Diana-fan and totally convinced that the old school 120 film still beats the 35mm in the analogue boxing ring. Judge for your self, isn’t she classic on this picture?

Jos, Gallery Store Manager

Jos Kraaijeveld is our one and only Gallery Store Manager. Jos loves hobbies and cooking. This enthusiastic photographer (also check his own site) will tell everything you want to know about the entire Lomography collection. But (shh, don’t tell anyone) besides the Lomolito, he still doesn’t have a Lomography camera on his camera shelf yet. It’s about time for him to ship in his own store!

Laura, Gallery Store Staff

Laura van Roemburg is one of our enthusiastic store staff members — big chance you’ll bump into this curly chick when entering our store. This lady graduated in Interactive Media by writing her thesis about Lomography! She loves yoghurt ice cream, gigs, and traveling. Don’t forget Lomography, of course! Every once in a while, her Holga, SuperSampler and Spinner 360 get a spot in her backpack when she goes for another wild trip.

Joël, Gallery Store Staff

Also Joël Kiel is one of the eye catchers in our Gallery Store.
This young men is a true lomographer and proved this by jumping in the car and driving all the way to Berlin to buy the Spinner on the launch date! He is also a proud owner of a original Russian LC-A — lucky bastard! Back home Joël loves to play around in his self-created dark room, and he also likes to hit bars with friends and traveling.

Marije, Gallery Store Staff

Marije Brom is our final shop hero in the serie. This import-Amsterdam-girl got hit with the Lomography-virus by her Fisheye, which she still loves to take snapshots with. Her latest Lomography purchase is the Diana Mini Fern Green (her favorite color). Besides Lomography, Marije loves to hit gigs, festivals, and the drums. She reads a lot and loves to place things in between brackets. Last but not least she is a fan of Sweden and would love to start living there. But a Lomography Gallery Store has to rise up first then.

Marije, magazine editor

Another Marije? Oh yeah! Marije Willemsen is taking care of the Dutch magazine. Every Monday she dives into the lomo-inbox to publish all your submissions (after a very strict but righteous editorial round). She also writes articles herself and does copywriting as profession. Besides film and writing, she is a true blue Lomographer and loves to shoot with her LC-A+. The Holga 135BC is one of her favorite too (which was her very first lomo camera). Marije also plays 8-bit videogames, bakes cupcakes, does hardrock-karaoke and loves lame-o sports like midget golf and bowling.

Want to say to our crew? Drop by in our Lomography Gallery Store Amsterdam!

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translated by mrmaart


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