Haunted Locations: The Roman Colosseum


The Roman Colosseum is considered as an architectural beauty. But beneath the walls of this great arena lie stories of strange activities and hauntings. Learn more about the Roman Colosseum’s history after the break.

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The Roman Colosseum, located in the heart of Italy, is considered as one of the greatest architectural structures in the world. Construction of the arena started in 72 AD and was finally finished in 80 AD. It was built as a venue for gladiator matches, executions, animal hunts and various entertainment shows. Reports indicate that over 500,000 people and 9,000 animals were killed within the walls of the Colosseum. With the amount of people who died there, one can clearly see why the place is said to be haunted.

Every year, millions of tourists flock to Rome in order to see the beauty of the Colosseum up close. Guards, tour guides and tourists alike have stories to tell about the Colosseum. Some of them have heard moaning and screaming coming from within the walls of the great structure. Others hear roars of lions and tigers when there is clearly no animal in the vicinity. One popular story is the sight of the ghost of a Roman soldier that still guards the Colosseum.

Are these stories real or just figments of the imagination? You might want to visit the Colosseum to find out for yourself.

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