Kikuyu Eye Clinic: The Treatment Process

For the many who bear the burden of a cataract, the journey to an eye clinic to get the much needed surgery is one that spans many years. For the average patient, who is older and already has impaired vision, the quick surgery is a long time coming.

First steps

  • The patient makes their way to the Kikuyu Eye Clinic, a relatively long or short journey depending on where in the vast region they are coming from.
  • Registration then takes place, where the patient lists their details and waits for the initial diagnosis to be administered.
  • An examination is performed by a doctor and a diagnosis is given.

It is likely, for those that make the trek to the clinic and queue for hours on end, that the patient is already suffering from bad vision and has a cataract.

Surgery and aftermath

  • An operation is necessary to remove the cataract before it worsens and leads to blindness. Surgery is scheduled for next day which, ideally, should be sooner but owing to the long wait list doctors are only available on the following day.
  • The patient spends the night in one of the clinic’s 75 beds and awaits the morning when he will be able to see properly again, if not for the first time.
  • The cataract is corrected through a operation that takes an average of 15 to 20 minutes.
  • A bandage is put on, but is taken off soon after in less than half an hour.

And with nothing in the way, no bandages or clouded lenses, the patient is free to observe the world in a brand new light.

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