Chilling Tips for Halloween Photos!

Halloween is fast approaching! The best way to remember this event is to take some photos. This is the chance for you to get your groove on and experiment with your photography! Here are some tips to get you started!

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Halloween poses the opportunity of taking some creative shots. You can take pictures of mummies, monsters, ghouls and witches at your delight! These subjects are interesting enough, but what if you can make your photos even more interesting?

Shoot at Dusk
You may sometimes end up with overexposed or underexposed photos when shooting. One of the solutions to this is to shoot during dusk. This will give you just enough light to capture your subjects and at the same time avoid underexposure.

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Fill the Frame
A good idea for Halloween photos is to completely fill your frame. This is especially cool if you are taking pictures of people in costumes or make-up as you can get all the details of their look!

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Shoot at Different Angles
Instead of taking photos straight on, why not try and shoot at a different angle? One idea is to shoot from the ground with your camera angled up at your subject. This will make the subject appear taller. Experiment with different angles to come up with creative shots!

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Light From Underneath
One trick to get those ghoulish photos is to place a light source underneath your subject. You can easily use a flashlight for this. Turn on the flashlight and direct it just below the chin of your subject to get a spooky portrait photo.

Credits: tracyvmoore

Other Tips:

  • work with shadows or silhouettes
  • play with light
  • interact with your subjects

Remember to have fun while shooting! Happy Halloween!

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