Who are the Kikuyu?


The Kikuyu are the doctors, nurses and patients that make up the Kikuyu Eye Unit in Kenya. So allow us to introduce the Kikuyu people by sharing their history, culture and photos taken of and by the Kikuyu.

Kenya’s largest ethnic group, the Kikuyu, are a subgroup of the Bantus and make up about 23% of the country’s current population which translates to over 5 million people.

Land and livelihood

Very much a part of their livelihood, the vast land is both a recognizable backdrop to many of the photos you’ll see here and the reason farming and trading are the main sources of Kikuyu income.

Photo taken on trip to Kikuyu Eye Hospital in Kenya


  • Kikuyu: The native language of the Kikuyu.
  • Swahili: One of the two official languages of Kenya, also spoken by many Kikuyu.
  • English: The other official language of Kenya, spoken by many Kikuyu.
Photos taken by patients, doctors, nurses, and the team at Lomography

According to the story, passed down from many generations though oral tradition, a man named “Gikuyu” founded the Kikuyu. He was instructed by the deity “Ngai” to found his home in a valley where a unique species of bird also called home. This historical area is situated southwest of Mount Kenya.

The nine daughters of he and his wife Mumbi went on to become the great mothers of the nine clans of the Kikuyu.

The LomoKiuyu project began in 2006 to help those faced with malnutrition, lack of medical care and poverty by raising money for Kenya’s Kikuyu Eye unit so that more eye surgeries could be performed.
Read more about the Kikuyu Projects

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