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Love yourself with the new Lubitel +, pick up some supplies for shooting self portraits and meet our latest set of Lubitel Lovers

Love Yourself a Little Bit
Self Portraits With the Lubitel +

You’ve been on the hunt. Peering through that waist-level finder, you’re constantly on the prowl for the the most impossible subjects in the most impossible of situations. You’re so selfless in your dedication to documenting the world moving hysterically around you that you occasionally leave out one key player: YOURSELF! After all, you – and your lovely face – have a pretty big role in this Lomographic project as well.

As luck would have it, the Lubitel+ is nothing short of a primo self-portrait magic box. Sure, it’s wonderful to just hold the camera at arms’ length and shoot your smiling face. But we’ve got some helpful tools, insightful tips, and inspirational photos to take things far beyond the basics.

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Not yet a proud owner of the Lubitel+? Treat yourself and submit to the loving seduction of its twin-coated lenses. After all, it’s okay to be a little self-focused when you’ve got such grandiose plans for self-portraits! We’ve got all sorts of goodies and packages to sweeten the deal like never before.

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Self-Shooting Supplies

In order for your Lubitel+ to best capture those fleeting glimpses of your own face, head, hands, or feet, you’ll need a few handy accessories. Luckily enough, we’ve got you covered:

Extra-Long (10m!) Cable Release

This thin, serpentine cord allows you to fire your camera from over 30 feet (10 meters) away. Place yourself right in the middle of the scene and fire away for a precision-composed self portrait. Or lay it on a fence and take a series of undercover street portraits. The possibilities are long – and endless!

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Tripod Stability Pack

Picture this – a grand collection of four different tripods. And all at a special price! You’ll receive the heavy hitting large ball-head Flex Tripod, the cute-as-a-button small Flex Tripod, the “sticky fingers” Suction Cup Tripod, and the hold-on-tight Clamp Tripod. Not to mention that dope cable release. Overall, you’ll save 22 USD/Eur by rolling with this package. Dream no longer, for this boombastic deal is all too real!

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Tips for Fantastic Face Time

It’s sad but true: the one person that most Lomographers often neglect to shoot is themselves. Here are four tips to get you started. Remember, these are just the very tip of the iceberg. Like all things Lomographic, you’re sure to ferret out all kinds of new techniques and off-kilter random insights once you get going. Just be sure to tell the rest of us about them!

Mirrors are Your Friend

Here is the equivalent of dipping your toes into the freezing water of the unknown. Many self-portraits newbies had their start by catching their reflection in a nearby mirror. Hunt out different shapes (round, square, convex, funhouse) and qualities (clean, streaky, dirty as hell) of mirrors to vary the effect. Try not to always cover your face with the camera – so we can sometimes see those pretty eyes!

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Get out the Props

Hats, goggles, shades, bat ears, small puppies, Victorian-collared shirts, today’s meatloaf lunch, and creepy translucent masks are but a few things at your disposal to spice up your self-portrait. Toss in an object that deeply represents your personality – or something that just happened to be on the bench next to you.

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It Ain’t Just Faces

Self-portraits of hands, arms, feet, legs, chests, butts, and other unmentionables count as well. Give your other body parts a chance to shine every now and then. The “look where my feet are standing” theme is an especially popular one.

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Three New Lubitel Lovers

These three newest Lubitel Lovers are sheer experts in the delicate art of turning the lens on themselves. Allow us to introduce them and tell their charming tales:


After seeing a weird looking camera (the Supersampler) back in 2000, Scootiepye immediately fell in love. And once in love it’s easy to lose this joyous feeling. Nine years down the road she is one of the most talented members of the Lomographic community, and still in love with the Lubitel+.

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“The sixth Golden Rule of Lomography – “Don’t think”, does not apply to the Lubitel+, you need to become a philosopher to use this camera”, according to Monika. As long as you first think about the settings, you can then get creative. “Just go out and play!”

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Vicuna, or Stéphane Heinz as he is also known as, recognises that people are not always that keen on posing for your photographic encounters. “With the Lubitel+ it’s different” he says, “as by looking down into the viewfinder instead of establishing eye contact through your viewfinder your subjects become more relaxed”.

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Film Deals for Your Self – Love Project

To make it easy for you to jump into Self-Lubitel-Love with heart, body, and soul, we’ve got some very fine film at seriously cheap-ass prices – allowing your Lubitel+ to keep firing while staying easy on your wallet. Here’s what’s waiting for you:

Lomography Final Cut: Agfa APX 400 120

Original and super-rare Agfa black & white deadstock

Kodak Portra 160 VC 35mm

Absolutely radiant color with this “Very Saturated” negative wunderkind

“==Ilford PANF PLUS 50 35mm”:==":

Ultra fine grain and gorgeous detail. Make your subject real enough to touch!

Fuji Provia 120

Natural color and a quick speed makes this el perfecto for night & flash shooting

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