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The old bridge, near Arezzo, which has fascinated the genius of Leonardo da Vinci! We discover its history ..

The Arno is a river in the Tuscany region of Italy. It is one of the most important rivers of central Italy and has a total length of 241km.

Before the Second World War, many bridges were built across the river, but the war brought very strong damage to communications infrastructure. Almost all bridges over the Arno were destroyed by bombing. Only three bridges were saved throughout the course of the Arno, one is Ponte Buriano!

Credits: tsingtao

History suggests the construction of the bridge in 1277. It is a low bridge, multi-arched Romanesque, and over his arches switches the ancient Via Cassia. The long life of the bridge was not easy (700 years!). Often, in fact, has had to resort to care, restoration and reinforcement. Leonardo studied the famous bridge for the restoration!

Credits: tsingtao

In this hot summer, the Arno decreased water has allowed me to pass over this beautiful bridge. This strange land was lovely. I can hardly see it again.

Credits: tsingtao

A little fact: many scholars believe that Leonardo on the right side of the background of the “Gioconda” has painted Ponte Buriano.

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