Throw a Casino Themed Party!

In celebration of the Lomography Slot Machine taking place this week we’ve been inspired to throw casino themed parties of our own and share tips on how to make the event a memorable one.

DIY for Photo Lovers

  • Re-purpose plastic film canister caps for game chips.
  • Your very own photo-fied roulette table! To do this, have a layout handy and position photos of primarily red hues where the red numbers go and those predominantly black in place of the black numbers.

Check out our DIY: Roulette Table and Game Chips! article for instructions on how to create the above!

Credits: aprilrich427, anarchy, hstevens1 & aswinsco


  • Playing-card lucky draw: Guests pick a card up (preferably in a magicians top hat) upon entering your house and when the lucky draw takes place at the end of party, ask them to present you with the winning card in the style of a magician- don’t they always have a card up their sleeve?
  • Parlor-games: Can be any party-favorite such as Charades, the catch however is every word must relate to Casino.
  • Best-dressed: What better way to set the mood than to have guests come dressed up in heavily sequined suits and dresses, echoing the heyday of 1960s Las Vegas.
Credits: molpoc


  • Make cookies into shapes of playing card suits and decorate them accordingly. And, if you are feeling really adventurous, bake all 52 cards (with some to spare) and attempt a game or two with them! (Our guess is they’ll be devoured soon after being dealt).
  • Red, white and black balloons, streamers, attire you name it!
  • Wrap large objects found around the house in gold foil but be sure to let everyone know your well executed job isn’t loot worthy!

And remember to be sure to shoot photos of the event so that we may share in the excitement.

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