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This is the story of how my film swap with Deng got published in Elite Traveller, one of the most popular travel magazines in China with 350.000 copies per month. For me, this experience has been very exciting, so I want to share it with you.

Portada de Elite Traveller, julio 2011.

One day, around june 2011, I got a message in my Lomohome from Shenyu, Senior Photo Editor of the chinese travel magazine Elite Traveller, telling me they were interested in publishing the article I wrote about my film swap Spain-Thailand with @deng with some photos to illustrate it.

It was very exciting, I must confess, so I told Shenyu to contact Deng and if he had no problem, I would love to collaborate with the magazine. Deng also loved the idea, so I sent them the text and some photos and Deng sent some other in higher resolution because he has the negatives in Thailand.

¡Artículo publicado!

I just asked Shenyu to please send me one printed copy, and I got it!

Mi revista.

My Grandma, who loves to read magazines and newspapers, even in Chinese (she can’t speak chinese), found this in the first pages:


Once again, thanks Deng for this amazing film swap. Thanks Shenyu for contacting me. And thanks Elite Traveller for publishing our work and sharing the analogue charm of Lomography in your pages.

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translated by susielomovitz


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