Before the Invention of the Radar


See the inventions and resources that they used for the ear before the inventing the radar. Analogue devices, such as these, make us curious. Do not miss it.

The radar was a turning point in history. A device that alerts you and displays the position of a given body is a must, especially in war time.

The absence of a device to report on the proximity of an element was becoming necessary. Given this need, they began to develop devices of all kinds (many of them absurd) to enhance the sense of hearing. Here are some of these analogue devices.

Analogue technology at its best. Like the photograph, all technology has had its beginnings (some more successful than others).

Today, the radar is an essential element in many areas of everyday life. The weather-radar helps predict rainfall, aircraft type provides information on air traffic / sea / land, maritime radar type improves navigation, radar monitors traffic speed limits and stopping distances and so on. There are countless applications that can give you the convenience that you need. It is important to appreciate the strange contraptions that were used to further technology and development in 1934.

Source: Jalam 1001

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