How To: Create a LomoKino Movie in Adobe Premiere CS5 (Win 7)

The LomoKino makes all the wonderful possibilities of 35mm film photography available to the world of movie making. Cross-processed comedy? Redscale romance? Black & White drama? Sure you can! Whether you choose to create experimental stop motion or fantastic montage movies, it’s possible with a LomoKino. We have prepared a step-by-step guide to get you started.

Creating a LomoKino Video with Adobe Premiere

Follow these steps:

1. Open Adobe Premiere through the search bar or by selecting it from the programs list.
2. Enter your project name and select the location where you would like to save it.
3. New sequence window will pop out. Select the desired format of your LomoKino video. You can select 720p or 1080p, 24, 15 or 30 frames per second.
4. Enter the sequence name.
5. Import the LomoKino image sequence by selecting ‘Import’ from the right click menu in the project window or by selecting it from the ‘File’ menu.
6. Select the first image of your LomoKino image sequence and check the ‘Numbered Stills’ checkbox.
7. Drag and drop the imported image sequence into your project timeline. You can drag the drag bar or press the buttons next to it to resize the timeline for better overview.
8. To slow down your LomoKino image sequence, right click the imported file in the project files window, select ‘Modify’ then ‘Interpret Footage’ and enter the desired FPS in the ‘Assume this frame rate’ value box.
9. If your LomoKino image sequence is bigger or smaller, double click the LomoKino video in the timeline and go to the ‘Effect controls’, then ‘Motion’ and enter the scale percentage that suits your LomoKino video.
10. To export your LomoKino video go to ‘Filoe’ menu then go to ‘Export’ and select ‘Media’.
11. In the export settings select the format in which you would like to export your LomoKino video and select the preset that matches your project settings.
12. If you imported music in your timeline you can select the ‘Export Audio’ checkbox. Press ‘Export’ and your video will start encoding.
13. Save your project and close Adobe Premiere.
14. Your video is ready for viewing! Browse for your LomoKino video and double click to play it. Enjoy!

Bringing analogue back to the movies with a bang in the 21st century, the LomoKino is a Lomography movie camera that shoots spectacular, creative movies on all kinds of 35mm film. Head to the Microsite, watch some Movies and begin your analogue movie-making journey today!

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