8mm Feature: Grandma’s Boy

In this 1922 comedy film, Harold Lloyd plays a grandson who has to muster the courage to pursue the girl of his dreams. Find out more after the jump.

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Harold Lloyd, an actor and producer, was mostly known for starring in silent comedy films. One of his earliest movies was Grandma’s Boy, a silent film feature that was released in 1922.

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In the film, Harold Lloyd plays a grandma’s boy who is too timid to court the girl that he likes as he is scared of rival. His grandmother provides a solution to the problem — a charm that will give Harold courage. The plan was to seize an outlaw and win the girl’s heart.

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Here is an excerpt of the film.

Grandma’s Boy was a great success during the silent film era. It was one of the movies that helped shape the future of silent film features. Although the film was full of gags, it also gave way to character arches which helped make the movie a big success.

The 60-minute film was released on 8mm film on September 3, 1922.

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