The Lomography Gallery Store in São Paulo is coming!


A lot of things were said in the last few months, about something historic that someone told, that Lomography was thinking of opening a store in São Paulo. So, to end all the rumors, we are here to say…

Lomography will open the São Paulo Gallery Store in a couple of weeks!!!

Yes, the biggest city in Brazil could proudly say that she’s now part of the “LomoCities Mafia” spread worldwide. Are you curious about the address? The chosen location is Auguta Street, one of the few places in São Paulo that’s capable representing all the cultural diversity of the city. For now, we won’t tell the number because there’s a small risk of people start to camp in front of store until the opening day.

As you read this news, you can be sure that many people are working hard to make the opening happen sooner. And to share with you the joy of watching a child be born and grow, we are starting with this post the reality show of the São Paulo Store.

That’s right! Through our LomoHome or our Facebook, you can follow the development of the gallery store and be aware of the preparations for the opening party. If you want, you can even send and share some ideas about all that is happening.

So here’s the first batch of pictures showing the start of work on site, when the masons with hammers in hand, brought down the walls and columns to leave the place with the perfect layout.

A quick view inside the Gallery Store São Paulo

Like it? Then tell us here in the comments what you want. You can smile, put screams of celebration and what else your mind came up with. Stay tuned in the coming days as we will update you with new pictures and information.

written by caioantunes on 2011-10-11 #news #sao-paulo #store #lomography #gallery-store #cidade #loja

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  1. rubenozorio
    rubenozorio ·

    Nem sabia que lomografia tava com um nivel de popularidade suficiente para abrir uma loja em SP! Me considero mais fotografo analógico, mas ate onde eu saiba só sou eu aki Belo Horizonte! Mudo para ribeirao Preto daki algumas semanas, Então provavelmente apareço para a abertura da Lomography SP!

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