Classic Photographer as a Modern Lomographer: Jacques Henri Lartigue


One of photography’s precocious prodigies, a genial enthusiast, and a professional of happiness. All of the above was photographer Jacques Henri Lartigue loved shooting moving subjects to fix happy and carefree moments, but… what if he could take photos with the Supersampler?

A passionate photographer from early childhood, Jacques Henri Lartigue (1894-1986) became a star only at the ripe old age of 69 when, in 1963, the Museum of Modern Art in New York (MoMA) organized his first solo exhibition.

Jacques Henri Lartigue recorded his experience to find happiness, he collected amazing images with his camera: waterfalls and fountains, happy friends, beautiful smiling women, fluttering dresses, car races, seaside outings, any sort of stop-action images as fragments of carefree joy! The motion is one of the favourite subjects of Lartigue, he wanted to capture the sense of movement. He had a natural ability to capture fleeting moments, if necessary creating them himself, in brilliant compositions that look utterly casual and artless.

“All the jumping and flying in Lartigue’s photographs, it looks like the whole world at the turn of the century is on springs or something. There’s a kind of spirit of liberation that’s happening at the time and Lartigue matches that up with what stop action photography can do at the time, so you get these really dynamic pictures. And for Lartigue’s part of the joke, most of the time, is that these people look elegant but they are doing these crazy stunts.” Kevin Moore (Lartigue biographer)

As a curious amateur, he experimented with all the available photographic techniques, but… what if he could take photos with the SuperSampler?

What you see below is the answer. The SuperSampler is perfect for spontaneous shoots and moving subjects. Absolutely amazing!!!

Remember: many of photography’s greatest names have been amateurs!

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