The Montage From The Parallax View by Alan J. Pakula


On the weekend I saw the conspiracy thriller “The Parallax View” (1974) by Alan J. Pakula. Warren Beatty plays a reporter investigating an obscure organization, the Parallax Corporation. While trying to get recruited he was given a visual psychological test to test his reactions. This montage just blew me away.

Let’s get brainwashed – and be warned: this video contains explicit images.

Apart from this montage the movie itself is definitely worth checking out especially if you are into New Hollywood, which is my personal favorite era of film-making. Be it the performance by Warren Beatty (and hair – regarding this: also watch Shampoo), the music by Michael Small, the great (anamorphic) cinematography by Gordon Willis (whose credits include The Godfather, Annie Hall, Manhattan and the other two movies in Alan J. Pakulas Political Paranoia trilogy Klute and All the President’s Men among others), or the direction by Alan J. Pakula.

Please also read these texts by Glenn Erickson and Joel Bocko.

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  1. domo-guy
    domo-guy ·

    The picture of a guy hanging himself is just creepy.

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