LomoPeople Hawai'i: Shawn

One of my closest friends, Shawn, is the most random and funny girl I know. Even after not being able to hang out for long periods of time, we still click like second nature.

Credits: dearjme

I met Shawn sometime early in my high school years (my memory fails me, as bad as it seems) but our friendship immediately blossomed into the kind where one doesn’t have to worry about predispositions or putting up a front — we could be the real, not fake, friends that everyone wants to have by their side.

Shawn is a total cameraphile, always snapping photos for her college photography class. The funny thing is, she likes to take uncomfortably close portrait shots that don’t entirely highlight the best features of our friends — it’s so awkward, yet so hilarious! I’m still trying to convert her to authentic Lomography and the analogue lifestyle, but she loves borrowing my Lomo LC-A+ and testing out the “Lomo” spirit.

One of the best memories I have with Shawn is from about 3 years ago. At the time, I was going through a difficult breakup with a guy who didn’t really care much about me. Having invested most of my free time with him, I had drifted apart from most of my regular friends, including Shawn, but somehow I knew that I could consistently count on her to be there if I ever needed. So one night, when I was supposed to meet my ex to talk about some things and establish some closure, somehow he ended up not showing. Safe to say, I was pretty hurt by the event. But Shawn, out of her care, even though she didn’t know entirely what I was going through — opened her doors to me and let me sleepover, so that I could have a friend. This was totally spontaneous, she hadn’t been able to plan anything or even get her parent’s permission, but she stepped out of her way to show that I had people who love me, and that I wasn’t alone.

Even though this happened years ago, I still remember this as a true act of friendship — and I am so thankful to be blessed with a friend like her.

written by dearjme on 2011-11-07 #lifestyle #best-friend #adventures #shawn #lomopeople #hawai-i

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