World Zombie Day: Outbreak in London


London streets filled with zombies, terrified tourists shrieking – a scene from a horror movie? No. It’s World Zombie Day in London! And this is a Lomographer’s eye view.

Credits: myahcat

Every year, the streets of cities like London fall victim to an outbreak – flash mob zombies. This year, on October 8th, it was no different as hundreds of fun-loving folk dressed up as the living dead and moaned their way along the busy Saturday streets. The costumes ranged from those paying homage to well-known zombies from film, TV, and comic books to more simple, regular people zombies. The best looked more like something straight out of a Hollywood blockbuster’s wardrobe department. In fact, you can find some of these zombie flash mobbers appearing as extras in movies from time to time. Joining this kind of crowd guarantees you meet some fantastic characters: a zombie lollipop man, clowns, a fully-bandaged individual, zombie Amy Winehouse, a postman, a 1940’s tea-lady, not to mention those keeping the public safe from the infected, including Shaun.

A carefully choreographed route was followed and participants enjoyed a good-natured day. Along the route, pubs were chosen where the dead could seek fresh brains – or perhaps a refreshing pint – and the bar staff at these venues, for a short time, served the most unusual clientele. The hoards progressed down Oxford Street, passing restaurant windows, much to the amusement (bemusement?) of diners. After a stop at Piccadilly Circus to hang around and moan at Eros, the gang culminated their slow stumble at the Phoenix Artists Club.

Credits: myahcat

This zombie fest is not merely an early Halloween or an alternative pub crawl. The event is for charity. Having raised money last year for Wells for India, this year’s charity focus was St Mungo’s Charity, an organisation that works on behalf of London’s homeless people.

The day was organised by, amongst others, the Zombie Daves, and they must be commended for another successful moan and stumble through London town. Lookout for the event next year, and in other cities around the world. And remember to bring plenty of film as well as fake blood and gore!

To find out more about St Mungo’s.
To donate.

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    love your colorful pics.

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    It's an epidemic, I tell you! Zombies everywhere! Enjoy some more zombies (these ones from Toronto):…

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